Leanne DuPay

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Title: Wildlife Advisor
Phone: 512-694-1811
Leanne DuPay

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What an amazing opportunity I have been given! In addition to being your local wildlife rehabber, I get to provide you with useful information about wildlife in Central Texas--specifically in our beautiful neighborhood of The Hills.

I have lived in The Hills for 14 years and I have been a permitted wildlife rehabilitator with Texas Parks & Wildlife for the past 12 years. I also have my federal permit for migratory birds and raptors (hawks, owls, eagles). Being a wildlife rehabilitator is many things—awe inspiring, fulfilling, and many times gut wrenchingly sad. But my colleagues and I know we are making a difference for a population that has no voice and is always at the mercy of human kind.

As your Wildlife Advisor I will:

  • Provide timely information about what is happening with our local fauna—breeding and baby seasons mostly.
  • I will provide interesting information about our local species—nature is really cool.
  • I will give advice about co-existing with wildlife and how do deal with them in a humane fashion.  
  • I will help you with the orphaned and injured wildlife you find in our neighborhood.
  • I will guide you with information about prevention practices and disease information as I receive it from the state.
  • I will post photos and stories about some of our local “friends” rescued in our neighborhood.

There are also some things I will not do:

  • I am not pest control. If you have critters in your attic or messing up your yard, I am not the person to get them out (I will provide natural deterrent info and the names of humane pest control companies on this web page).
  • I am not permitted to assist with adult deer injuries. I know we see many leg injuries in The Hills, but unless it is a fawn, I am not allowed to help (but know that they are resilient and heal quickly).
  • I do not pick up dead animal carcasses.
  • I cannot solve the coyote problem, but I will provide information from the experts about their behaviors and how to best co-exist with them.

I work downtown during the week, so texting me is the best way to reach me should you find an animal in need of help. My number is 512-694-1811
Our other Lakeway rehabilitator is Shandra Dettbarn, her number is 512-660-3568.

 Stay tuned for a list of useful wildlife resources and more.


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